Ford Fiesta เครื่องยนต์ TDCi ดีเซลคอมมอนเรล ใหม่ !!!

Exclusive:1.5 ltr diesel TDCi Duratorq powered Ford Fiesta for India to cost between Rs. 8.5 -9 lakhs

Posted On 2011-07-09

To be launched on 14th July 2011, the new Ford Fiesta for India uses Ford Kinetic Design philosophy, and offers greater handling. Their made for India engines is what is most interesting. The 1.5 liter petrol Duratec Ti VCT engine max power records at 110PS at 6045 rpm, while max torque is recorded at 140 Nm at 4500 rpm.

The new 1.5 ltr diesel TDCi Duratorq engine records max power of 91PS at 3750 rpm, ad max torque at 204 Nm between 2000 and 2750 rpm. Ford has worked towards lowering noise levels by turning to acoustic lamination of the front windshield, and use of sound absorbent materials in the cabin. Clearly following the ‘One Ford’ ethic here’s a global car that’s met with success in Europe and North America.

The company has concentrated on superb interior crafting of the new Ford Fiesta for India. Initial pricing estimates put the car closer to Rs. 7-8 lakhs with speculations being rife after the New Ford Fiesta for India was unveiled in Delhi earlier this year. While New Ford Fiesta variants for India will cost between Rs. 7.5 -10 lakh, a trusted source has placed the diesel engine between Rs. 8.5 -9 lakhs.

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